Shashlik Marinated in Kefir
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Shashlik Marinated in Kefir

  • Ingredients
  • ŽEMAITIJOS kefir (900 g) 900 g
  • Pork neck 1 kg
  • Onion (average) 3 vnt.
  • Salt Pagal skonį
  • Roasted meat spice Pagal skonį
  • Process: 60
  • Level:
  • Number of people:


Cut the onions into half-round slices, put them in a big bowl, add sugar and squash everything with your hands to get out some juice. Cut the pork neck into pieces, put them into the bowl, add spice and mix it up, squashing with your hands. Add low-fat kefir so that all meat is submerged. Leave for a half of a day. Grill on coals.