• Non-standard skimmed milk powder produced – always more protein (than regulated by standards);
  • According to the content of unchanged proteins, skimmed milk powder can be “Low Heat” and “Medium Heat”;
  • Powdery, not lumping;
  • Advanced milk purification technology purifies the milk and preserves its biological properties;
  • No additionally added preservatives and colorants;
  • Full quality control and traceability from collection of milk to the customer;
  • Meets international quality standards ISO 22000, FSSC22000;
  • Every batch is certified by “Independent Testing Laboratory”;
  • Packaged in multi-layered paper bags with polyethylene liner: 25 kg or Big Bags up to 1 ton;

Skimmed milk powder is produced from fresh pasteurized skimmed milk, by concentrating it using a vacuum evaporation machine and multi-stage drying. Skimmed milk powder is a durable consumer product with excellent solubility properties.  It is used in various soups, sauces, chocolate, ice cream and bread products.