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You can’t fool the buyers. When it comes to the family shopping basket, they choose the quality, taste and good price criteria. This is best reflected in the contest of the most popular shopping item in our country. Products of the Lithuanian company Žemaitijos pienas have earned special appreciation of the buyers. They’ve received five awards in the contest.

Lithuanians are a nation which loves dairy products. As much as five products of Žemaitijos pienas, the company with huge experience, have been ranked as the most popular items purchased in our country.


Every year, different products of Žemaitijos pienas win gold or silver medals for their best products in “The Product of the Year” awards.

This year was no exception. An authoritative evaluation commission has advised us of good news. GERMANTO GOUDA cheese and ŽEMAITIJOS butter have been awarded a gold medal, while the glazed curd cheese MAGIJA with cocoa and caramelized walnuts received a silver medal.