Courgette Pancakes with Curd
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Courgette Pancakes with Curd

  • Ingredients
  • ŽEMAITIJOS medium-fat curd (180 g) 180 g
  • Dill 0,5 vnt.
  • Courgettes 100 g
  • Wheat flour 15 g
  • Black pepper 1 žiupsnelis
  • Salt 1 žiupsnelis
  • Olive oil 3 ml
  • Salted, sliced salmon 60 g
  • Eggs (small) 1 vnt.
  • Process: 30
  • Level:
  • Number of people:


Grate the courgette with a large grater, add eggs, curd and mix it all up. Add flour, salt, pepper and dill. As you fry, add a piece of salmon into each of the pancakes. Keep in mind! Since salt will extract water from courgettes, the second pan of pancakes may look more watery, so you may add an additional half a spoon of flour.