Seasonal salad with DŽIUGAS hard cheese

Seasonal salad with DŽIUGAS hard cheese

  • Ingredients
  • Hartkäse DŽIUGAS® Mild (180 g) 50 g
  • Mohrrüben 2 vnt.
  • Sellerie 2 vnt.
  • Brokkoli 1 vnt.
  • Rote Paprika 1 vnt.
  • Brechbohnen 100 g
  • Olivenöl 1 š.
  • Walnussöl 1 š.
  • Leinsamenöl 1 šaukštelis
  • Gehackte Walnüsse 40 g
  • Salz Pagal skonį
  • Zubereitung: 30
  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:
  • Für:


Cut all vegetables in nice even pieces. Parboil them separately in salted boiling water for about 5 min., then instantly put them into cold water with ice in order to stop the boiling process. The vegetables will soften, yet retain their shape and some of their crunchiness inside. Dry the cooled vegetables with a kitchen towel and put them into a bowl. Season with oil, chopped nuts, salt and pepper. Serve sprinkled with cheese.