Company history

One of the largest and most advanced milk processing companies in Lithuania – AB ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS – counts its history since 1924. This year, i.e. almost a century ago, in the capital of Samogitia, which is situated on seven hills and surrounded by picturesque nature and which, according to a legend, in ancient times was founded by a giant Džiugas, has been opened Telšiai Dairy. It was of very high capacity at the time and produced butter, cream, cottage cheese, and other dairy products.

Consulting with the best European and USA companies, focusing on introducing new technologies over the years, as well as using the most advanced membrane technology of milk purification Bactocatch has allowed the company to increase the variety of products and improve their quality. After having inspected ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS in 1995, the State Food and Veterinary Service of the Republic of Lithuania ascertained that the company meets the veterinary requirements and granted the State Veterinary Supervision Number LT 78-01 P by the Order No. 4-104 “On Granting the Veterinary Supervision Number” of 20/07/1995.

In mid-2009, the company was awarded ISO 9001 Quality Management certificate and ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System certificate. AB Klaipėdos Pienas and AB-F Šilutės Rambynas, belonging to ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS company group were granted such certificates as well.

Using an introduced self-control system, the company strictly controls the raw materials, production processes and performs laboratory tests of the end product. The Independent Testing Laboratory, which in 2006 became the first food industry laboratory in Lithuania accredited by the German certification body DAkkS according to international standards ISO / IEC 17025, carries out product quality assessment on a daily basis. In 2011, the laboratory was successfully recertified.

The experience of many years and unique formulas allow offering consumers a wide selection of products of excellent taste and high quality. Today, the company produces dairy products over 200 different names both new and already favoured by the consumers, e.g. a new group of organic dairy products DOBILAS. The products of MAGIJA trademark earned trust of consumers from the moment they were introduced and became strikingly popular. The group of MAGIJA products includes the brands MAGIJA and MAGIJA PREMIUM. The consumers also favoured hard and melted cheeses as well as non-ripened peelable cheese sticks PIK-NIK, which are one-of-the-kind in Lithuania. On 8 March 2012, a cheerful celebration of the 10th anniversary of manufacturing this exceptional product was organised, where we remembered that PIK-NIK was winning awards in international and national exhibitions almost every year. The Baltic States Championship “Pasiplėšom 2011” for the first time was organised in 2011. All participants of the Championship competed, who will tear a cheese stick into most pieces the fastest. A Lithuanian record of the longest PIK-NIK cheese stick – 384.92 m long –was also set in the Championship.

The most honoured product of the company – the legendary DŽIUGAS cheese – became a winner of many national and international exhibitions. In the Superior Taste Award competition in Brussels this cheese was twice (in 2011 and in 2013) awarded two stars out of three for its first impression, taste, smell, texture, and appearance.

In May 2013, this legendary cheese also reigned over the Asian continent. In the International Food and Beverage Exhibition SIAL China this product of Samogitian cheese makers was awarded Sial Inovation 2013 Grand Prix. Not a single food processing company from Lithuania had previously been awarded such a prize.
On 8 May 2013 – on Džiugas’ name-day, an unheard and unseen festival DŽIUGIADIENIS (Džiugas Day) was held in the newly opened DŽIUGAS House, which opened its door in Telšiai. During the festival, the first DŽIUGAS cheese certification took place as well. This is the sixth such House in Lithuania: even 4 of them are located in Vilnius, and one – in the port city Klaipėda.

In the DŽIUGAS House you will find not only a wide range of hard cheese DŽIUGAS of different ripening phases, which for the fourth year in a row in the competition, organized by the Association of Lithuanian Trade Enterprises was recognized as the best-selling cheese in Lithuania. Here you also can enjoy coffee, savoury candies, cake, spreads, cakes, new ice-cream with DŽIUGAS cheese, nut dessert RIEŠUTAINIS, suitable for DŽIUGAS wine or bitter liqueur with bee propolis.

Consumers also like Žemaitijos senos tradicijos (Old Samogitian Traditions) brand, which includes milk, kefir, yoghurt, sour cream, cream cheese, fresh cheese, butter, as well as many other dairy products.

The company also promotes national culinary heritage. Homemade fresh curd cheese and Žemaitiškas kastinys (Samogitian sour cream butter) of ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS are only made from traditional raw materials and additives, in line with the traditional technology. Therefore, these products of exceptional taste were awarded certificates of Lithuanian Culinary Heritage Foundation and bear the special mark of the Foundation.

For 20 years, ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS has been supporting Kaltinėnai Care and Nursing Home by its delicious products and is the initiator of many social campaigns. For the fourth academic year in a row the little second-graders are eagerly participating in the campaign “Graduate from the second grade in Telšiai and know how to swim“. Its initiator and the most generous sponsor is ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS. ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS has been the general sponsor of Žemaitės Drama Theatre for many years. The name of the company is mentioned to give thanks for the support in many events of the district and the country.

Currently, the company employs over 1300 professional and creative employees. Their significant contribution, optimism, and intelligence allow the company to achieve ambitious goals. Impeccable work is the face of the company, which testifies the reliability and solidity of ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS, in anchoring the market of the country by its products and proclaiming the Samogitia region and Lithuania in the world.